Saturday, 21 October 2017

Milano // the art scene

My second day in Milan was focused on culture, and involved a step just outside the centre. As soon as we had decided we'd be going to Milan in the first place, I got incredibly excited at the prospect of seeing Leonardo Da Vinci's great work, The Last Supper. It was, however, really difficult to secure tickets, as the website only released bundles of them at seemingly the most random of times. At last, we had our tickets, and I could not wait.

On the way to see it, we walked past a beautiful café with the most glorious looking cakes in the window. Naturally, I had to stop to photograph them.

Seeing The Last Supper was truly incredible. We only had 15 minutes there, in the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie. They thankfully allowed photography (provided flash was not used) and I am so glad to be able to have photos to look back on. I'd studied this particular work in Art History in secondary school, so seeing it in person was such a treat. I was able to tell my parents beforehand about some features to look out there, but ended up being educated further myself by some of the tour guide's information. Even seeing it revealed more detail than I'd ever gathered from looking at other people's photographs and reproductions.

In the same day, we visited the Brera Art Gallery. We followed the guidebook to see the top 20 or so pieces of art they held there, spotting some other fascinating works along the way. I was incredibly exhausted after a long day of walking, but delighted in seeing 'Super at Emmanus' by Caravaggio amongst others.

Overall, my second day in Milan was wonderful, and one which I'll treasure for a long time to come. I saw some classic Italian beauty in the architecture of buildings, in art and in food. I miss it already!

Please let me know how you're feeling in the comments. I apologise for my absence- the start of college has been crazy, but I'm eager to start posting again!

Love, Anna

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